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Commercial Contract Law

What is commercial contract law and how does it apply to me? Whether dealing with debt, entering into a merger, debt collection, or commercial rental agreements, commercial law is the contractual agreement that dictates what each party may and may not do. Verbal agreements don’t stand up in court nearly as well, so the written […]

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Bankruptcy Lawyer

Filing for bankruptcy (the correct term for this is insolvency) may seem terrifying. It’s one of those things that no one wants to experience, but when it comes down to it, filing for bankruptcy can assist you greatly in getting rid of debt that may have otherwise been causing you a great deal of stress […]


Commercial Lease Attorney

In a previous article, we touched on some points regarding things to look out for as a landlord leasing commercial property. This article takes a brief overview of some of the most important points to consider when signing a commercial lease agreement as a tenant and how a commercial lease attorney can prove invaluable when […]


Attorneys in South Africa

Van Zyl Ebrahim Cook Attorneys Incorporated is a law firm based in Johannesburg, South Africa. We provide services in a number of fields ranging from commercial litigation to debt collection. Not only do a wealth of clients across South Africa make use of our services, but we also work with a range of clients across […]

South African Debt Collection Lawyers Serving the International Business Community

Collecting debt from South African-based individuals or companies may seem daunting if you are based abroad. We understand the frustration and concerns involved when the debtor is based in a country thousands of miles away, seemingly out of reach, and protected by country-specific laws that differ from your own. When taking matters into one’s own […]

Commercial Lease Lawyers

Commercial leases are frequently complicated documents that need to be drawn up with great attention to detail. The terms governing commercial and residential leases differ quite dramatically. Some of the main areas of difference to consider are: Residential leases are for townhouses, houses, apartments, and condominiums, whereas commercial leases are for commercial properties where the […]

Commercial Lawyers

With enough care, effort, and smart decision making, your business can reach the point where it has outgrown its status as a small startup and can begin making waves locally and abroad. What most business owners don’t realize at this point in their growth, is that making the right decisions is now more important than […]


Commercial Attorney

It’s easy for any business to run into a tricky legal situation that could prove to be difficult to navigate down the line. Staff disputes, seemingly impenetrable contract law, and litigation can all serve to interrupt the progress of an otherwise blooming business. In many instances, business owners only hire an attorney when it’s already […]

Business Solicitors – South Africa

Whether you are based abroad and have a business in South Africa, or are based in South Africa, Van Zyl Ebrahim Cook Attorneys Incorporated can assist you with a wide range of legal services. We understand the challenges you might face from a legal perspective, living abroad and running a business in South Africa. Aside […]