Commercial Attorney South Africa

Are you based in the UK and looking for a commercial attorney South Africa (in the UK this is referred to as a Business Solicitor)?

Allow us to introduce ourselves. Van Zyl Ebrahim Cook Attorneys Incorporated is a law firm with a strong focus on commercial law and retail, industrial and office leasing. We also offer many other services ranging from Companies and Intellectual Properties Commission-related services (CIPC), international commercial litigation and debt collection, commercial contracts and insolvency. We serve clients in South Africa and around the globe, assisting them in their business interests across South Africa. We represent major landlords and property management companies. We also represent local and national tenants in various situations regarding dispute resolution, negotiating and vetting relating to commercial leases.

South African commercial law, particularly commercial law, is different to UK law in many respects. When assessing complex commercial lease contracts, we can be of great assistance in explaining country-specific laws and help you to better understand the agreements before signing. We can also help you in formulating commercial contracts that are fair and structured in such a manner that the best interests of each party is given due consideration. As a commercial attorney (in the UK this is referred to as a Business Solicitor) South Africa, we work alongside you in negotiation, litigation and debt collection.
When pursuing international debt collection, we understand the difficulties involved for UK companies and residents. You are dealing with a situation where your debtor is a great distance away, different laws govern the process, and your debtor can easily stop communication. We have experience in debt collection for clients based abroad and will always do so within country-specific laws, maintaining the utmost regard for your business and being sure to represent you and your company in such a manner that, whenever possible, best lends itself to conducting future business with your debtor. Even though you might not feel it worth pursuing debt after the effort and hours spent seem to avail little or no results, we encourage you to contact us here. We operate within the guidelines defined by the National Credit Act, 34 of 2005.

Forming a strong business relationship with a commercial attorney (in the UK this is referred to as a Business Solicitor) in South Africa means that you know that you have someone who both understands your business and will always offer you the most professional representation.

When in need of a commercial attorney (in the UK this is referred to as a Business Solicitor) South Africa, regarding the lease of commercial property, negotiating of contracts, or seeking debt collection services, Van Zyl Ebrahim Cook Attorneys Incorporated has extensive experience in working with clients based abroad. To see our full range of services, visit this page.