Debt Collection Lawyers

Collecting debt from South African-based individuals or companies may seem daunting if you are based abroad. We understand the frustration and concerns involved when the debtor is based in a country thousands of miles away, seemingly out of reach, and protected by country-specific laws that differ from your own. When taking matters into one’s own hands, you might find that you are confronted with legal red tape, false promises, or face being outright ignored. It may be tempting to write such debt off as the time-investment and effort expended in pursuing payment could easily appear to be futile.

The Solution

Having professional debt collection lawyers on your side will help in resolving these matters in the shortest time possible. Van Zyl Ebrahim Cook Attorneys Incorporated are authorities in this field. We understand country-specific laws and can assist anyone abroad in resolving South African debt collection issues. Furthermore, we can act as your point of contact in collaboration with your local lawyers, should the terms governing your agreement not be South African law.

As South African debt collection lawyers, language barriers will never be a problem. We welcome clients based anywhere in the world and have regularly worked with clients based as far afield as Cyprus, Dubai, United Kingdom, USA, Australia, Zambia and Swaziland.

With our experience in this particular legal field, we know how to make the South African legal system work for you, thereby saving you time, money, and eliminating a vast amount of frustration that can otherwise present itself as a result of dealing with debtors abroad.

We are an established law firm and will always represent our clients in the best possible way, we will maintain your company’s integrity throughout the process. We undertake all actions keeping in mind that you may wish to retain a healthy business relationship with your debtor moving forward and therefore always seek a swift resolution in the best interests of our clients while maintaining the utmost professionalism.


Cash flow is important to any business and collecting outstanding debt can become a very difficult problem to solve, doubly so when you are based a continent away. Country-specific laws can prove to be a massive hindrance, so can language, transportation, and other communication problems. Ultimately, we understand that you want to get the matter resolved as quickly as possible, while still maintaining a fruitful ongoing business relationship with the debtor.

As debt collection lawyers, we provide expert assistance in this area and can assist you no matter where in the world you are based.

Get in touch with us via the contact form on our website, send us an email or give us a call so that we can discuss your debt collection needs and take immediate steps toward resolving the matter.

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